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Redepp is the authorized exporter of some construction materials in its portfolio and the official representative of some building materials. Beside this, Redepp is a contract based producer of some  food and agriculture products. Redepp has also made own investment on faucets and shower systems production. Overall, Redepp provides the right product at the right price with its own capacity and with the trade network it has established with strong business partners in different countries of the world. Redepp does not work like a broker. Redepp ensures that the products of manufacturers are offered for sale in international markets with a professional business approach and delivered in a sustainable way.


Redepp is a strong and reliable exporter of high quality products. Redepp will be the right cooperation address for you to supply the right product in the product group you need, from the right manufacturer, at the right prices, without having to research all suppliers with sample supply processes, make long price reviews and waste time.

Yes we have existing building materials portfolio and you can reach out to us to supply this construction materials from us. But don't hesitate to ask more if you need building materials from out of our portfolio. We are open to expand our building materials portfolio according to our customers demands.

Redepp doesn't offer its portfolio only on a exworks basis. Redepp has deep experience on foreign trade and sensitively following new trends on international trade in the world. Considering the changes of the demands and the expectations Redepp is converting the company policies according to the market facts. So this adoptation makes Redepp ready for flexible and fast solutions. Redepp believes that the future belongs to flexible and fast adaptative companies.

Thanks to its product sourcing and export experience, Redepp provides you with an optimum cost-benefit index. If you are interested in any of the products in our portfolio, you can contact us.

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