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Redepp plans every step of the cooperation process with a professional understanding and ensures that customers reach the products they demand in the easiest and fastest way.


Redepp team, which has deep experience in logistics and customs processes as well as its success in product supply, can plan all the processes itself and deliver your orders to your address.

Every product needs different logistics solution. Every international market has different logistics preferences and different logistics advantages. Sometimes a single preferential logistics and transportation option can be used, while sometimes multiple model logistics and transportation solutions may be needed. Sometimes only ship transportation can provide an advantage, sometimes combined ship and road transportation can provide an advantage. Beside this, air cargo solution is most suitable solution for some products. Redepp can provide air cargo delivery solutions to the customers. Due to the advantage of Turkey's geographical location and its strong experience in logistics, the Redepp team has a very strong hand in delivering products to target markets.

We provide best logistics solutions for your orders within different shipping models below; 

  • Ocean Freight

  • Road Freight

  • Air Freight 

  • Express Air Freight 


Redepp team can support you with the right information you need about the GTIP inspection of products, whether they are taxable on import and what the rate will be when taxed. Thanks to its experience in the logistics industry, Redepp can provide and offer the most suitable transportation model to your location with the most affordable costs and the fastest transportation model. So you can easily get the products and materials you want.

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