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Redepp has an effective and productive work experience in Turkiye due to own activities. Redepp also share own experience in many investment projects with  business partners. Especially on construction sector, Redepp provides consulting services with group company named Adim Real Estate Investments Partners Company. To see the portfolio and capabilities of Adim Construction Company you may visit


Investment consultancy is very important for an investor who plans to invest in foreign markets. The right business partner leads the investor to success. Redepp investment advisory philosophy is based on a win-win basis. Our team does not only aim to get paid for the service it provides, but also aims to make investors gain tangible profits.

If you want to make an investment on construction sector or if you have a plan to make construction investment on your country or in Turkiye you can reach out to us. We can plan all stages together and create win win situation on our business cooperation.

We can make a cooperation on the topics below;

  • Construction investments in Turkiye

  • Construction investments in your country

  • Construction contracting works

  • Construction materials supply

Redepp works with professional approach in all investment advisory services. Redepp handles all work with a roadmap, writes down the processes, determines its stages and advances the projects with a concrete output target. Our business attitude has based on creating effective and most suitable business plan for the investor and following up the roadmap. Our team develops all of the projects and investment researches with international standards of techniques. Redepp professionally define all the stages of a business cooperation starting from the planning and ending up with the proven results.

If you are planning a long-term and sustainable investment with a reliable business partner, our team will provide you with the support you need. You can apply to Redepp for the investments you want to make in Turkiye or in your country.

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