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Redepp is a foreign trade company that focus on international trade activities based in Istanbul Turkiye. 

We are a group of companies that works on construction, commercial vehicles, textile, food & agriculture. We export goods that we produce and also that we supply from the manufacturers. Our group companies has successfully completed many construction projects in our deep-rooted history in the construction industry and delivered them to their owners. These completed buildings increase their value every year as important prestige projects. Beside this activities, Redepp team has also done a lot of work as both an operator and an exporter on construction equipment, trucks with special superstructures and commercial vehicles since it is a field related to construction.

Redepp has also developed its activities related to commercial vehicles and accelerated its export activities, especially on special upperstructure trucks and commercial vehicles. With its commercial vehicle and commercial vehicle equipment production experience Turkiye has become a major player in this industry on a global scale. Redepp exports commercial vehicles in compliance with European Union quality standards to its business partners abroad, with its business partners with strong experience in the production of commercial vehicles and commercial vehicle equipment.

Redepp team, took a strategic decision and focuse more on export activities and started to supply products, equipments and vehicles to business partners abroad. Redepp A.S. was established to further develop these activities of group companies that focus more on export activities. Redepp has started to export the high quality construction materials used in own projects to the business partners abroad. Beside this, Redepp has also invested in a production facility for the faucets, shower systems, furnitures and interior door products to be exported. Redepp manufactures a wide portfolio of high quality, modern and trendy products.

Redepp exports the goods that produced by group companies such as rugs, carpets, leather products, socks, towels. Based on quality and experience of Turkiye's textile capability Redepp is a strong supplier on textile products. 

After successful business results in the construction, construction materials and commercial vehicles industry, Redepp has decided to invest in the food industry as well, which has become an increasingly strategic sector. Collaborating with Turkiye's leading agricultural product manufacturers, Redepp has started exporting food and agriculture products that it has decided to focus on. Now Redepp exports food & agriculture products that produced both in Turkiye and also produced in other countries. Our aim is to become reliable and strong partner on food supply industry. 

Our construction materials portfolio consists of the following building materials;

    Faucets and Shower Systems 

    Interior Doors 


    Scaffoldings and Cuplocks 

    Baths and Cubicles

    Bathroom Vanities


    Marbles and Ceramic Tiles

    PVC and PPRC Pipes

    Grass Fences and Panel Fence Systems

Our food and agriculture products portfolio consists of the following products;

    Wheat flour

    Edible oil



    Frozen cakes

    Packaged UHT milk

    Healthy snacks
Our textile products portfolio consists of the following products;

    Rugs & machine made carpets


    Towels & beachwear

    Leather products

Redepp plans to expand its international activities with production investments and collaborations based on export focus in next coming years. If you are looking for a reliable and strong supplier for the products you need regarding our fields of activity, Redepp will be the right address for you.




Redepp is an export company of a group of companies that works on construction contracting and construction materials manufacturing. Together with group companies we export some goods that we manufacture, beside this we export some goods that we provide directly from manufacturers.

Machinport is an organization focused on the export of commercial vehicles, construction equipments and trucks with special upperstructures from Turkiye to the entire world. We export new and used commercial vehicles from Turkiye to the entire world.

Redepp has an investments on food & agriculture industry. We work on international trade for commodity goods on multinational level. We export some goods from Turkiye to whole world and we make international transit trade on commodity goods.

Redepp exports textile products of group companies. We work on carpet export, socks export, towel export, t-shirt export from Turkiye to whole world. Our products are all Made in Turkiye and producing in our factories. 




Redepp is a strong and reliable exporter of high quality products. Redepp will be the right cooperation address for you to supply the right product in the product group you need, from the right manufacturer, at the right prices, without having to research all suppliers with sample supply processes, do long price reviews and waste time.

Redepp provides you with the optimum cost-benefit index due to its product supply and export experience. If you are interested in any of the products in our portfolio, you can contact us... read more

Redepp undertakes every step of the cooperation process with a professional understanding, ensuring that its customers can reach the products they demand in the easiest and fastest way.

Redepp team, which has deep experience in logistics and customs processes as well as its success in product supply, can plan all processes by itself and deliver your orders to your address.

Redepp team can support you with the right information that you need about the HS code review of products, whether they are taxable at import and what the rate will be if they are. Thanks to its experience in the logistics industry, Redepp can provide and offer the most suitable transportation model to your location with the most affordable costs and the fastest transportation model. So you can easily obtain the products that you more

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Investment consultancy is very important for an investor who plans to invest in foreign markets. The right business partner leads the investor to success. Redepp investment advisory philosophy is based on a win-win basis. Our team does not only aim to get paid for the service it provides, but also aims to make its investors gain tangible more


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Redepp A.Ş.

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